The Mansfield Fire Department conducted a drill in the proper response to a LPG tank that was leaking product and on fire. the drill was conducted by three members of the Pomfret (CT) Fire Department, all of whom are also LPG Technicians at Uncas Gas.

lpgtankvalves_small.jpg team1groupbriefing_small.jpg lightingtheprop_small.jpg lpgproplit_small.jpg
coolingthetank_small.jpg towardsthetank_small.jpg towardsthetank2_small.jpg towardsthetank3_small.jpg
towardsthetank4_small.jpg atthetank_small.jpg turningthetankoff_small.jpg lpgproplit2_small.jpg
coolingthetank2_small.jpg towardsthetank5_small.jpg towardsthetank6_small.jpg atthetank2_small.jpg
turningthetankoff2_small.jpg participation_small.jpg apparatusatthedrill_small.jpg

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